Earthing Or Grounding Benefits

Earthing or Grounding Benefits is a topic that many people have most likely never really considered but have actually unknowingly gained from it.  Think back to….. when was the last time you walked around barefoot ?  Hopefully you didn’t answer, “when I was a baby crawling around my grandparent’s living room” 🙂  If you’re like most people it was probably on a beautiful sandy beach somewhere in the world on your last vacation getaway.  Remember how you felt…. you were relaxed, your body was invigorated, and you were feeling re-energized!!

What if I told you that one of the main reasons you were feeling this way was not only because you didn’t have to worry about the every day “grind” of work….. but because every day on your vacation when you went for those “strolls on the beach”, you were walking barefoot in the sand and “connecting” with the Earth.

You see, the Earth is a natural source of an unlimited supply of electrons that your body needs.  Electrons are essential to the body:  for proper functioning of the immune systems, for  optimal circulation of blood, and for other physiological processes.  It may actually be the most effective and least expensive way for the body to attain these much needed electrons or antioxidants.  Research has shown that electrons from the Earth have antioxidant effects that help to protect your body from inflammation (and all it’s well documented health consequences).


Ok, that’s maybe a bit over-the-top but it does have some merit to it.  Throughout  our evolutionary history, humans have always had continuous contact with the Earth.  Our ancestors walked barefoot and slept directly on the ground at night.  And as we evolved and started sleeping on comfortable beds and started protecting and covering our feet.  We have become more and more disconnected from the Earth. Now, granted our first traditional shoes were made of leather, which actually helps conduct electrons so therefore it still maintained a conductive contact between Earth and body.  It is only recently that substances like modern day rubber and plastics, which all of our modern day shoes are now made from, and which by the way acts as electrical insulators!  They have blocked the beneficial flow of these electrons from the Earth to our bodies.

earthing Learn how Earthing has the potential to help promote health & healing in the body!!!  Simple, effective, and best of all natural, Earthing is truly an amazing discovery.



Now with this continous disconnect from the benefits of the Earth’s electrons, the only healthy source of antioxidants that we can provide to our body is through the food we eat.  And that’s a whole different topic to get into and can discuss at a different time.  My thinking is that we should use all the available sources to maximize our health, and if it means walking barefoot for 20-30 minutes a day…. then why not.  Plus it’s FREE, did I mention that yet ?!?  FREE!!!  We all like that word right.  Food based antioxidants are helpful but a regular supply of FREE electrons from the Earth can provide them as well.


  1. It is the ultimate anti-inflammatory & natural supply of antioxidants
  2. It stabilizes the immune system so it functions at an optimal  level
  3. It improves your blood viscosity
  4. Helps fight against premature aging
  5. Helps you sleep better and provides a feeling of calmness
  6. Helps reduce effects of stress


Just as the sun above us provides vitamin D for the body, the ground below provides you with a limitless supply of vitamin G….. think of it as a kind of “electrical nutrition.”

This energy infusion really is powerful stuff.  It can restore and stabilize the “inner workings” of your body and organs….. it can boost self-healing mechanisms….. it can help reduce inflammation and pain….. and it can improve your sleep and provide a feeling of calmness.  When all these things happen, you feel better in a big way….. and at no cost to you….. except for a few funny looks from the people who don’t know about it, YET!!!

I’ll finish by sharing with you a funny story.  I was doing one of my daily morning “grounding sessions” last week and was walking around my neighbourhood.  It happened to be a very rainy day and I was wearing shorts and a hoodie and listening to my IPOD.  I was walking barefoot along the sidewalk on the grass a couple blocks from my house, and a lady had just parked her minivan in front of her house.  She had gone in and come back out to grab a few more things from her vehicle.  By this time I was coming up to the front of her house and was walking by her when she stopped, looked at me walking in the rain with bare feet, and with geniune concern asked me, “are you ok”? and if I needed any help.  I kinda chuckled because I must have looked like I was in trouble….. ie. a guy with no shoes or socks and who could have used some help!!!  I told her politely “no”, and that I was fine and that I was “grounding myself”….. of course she said “what”?  And I just said, “i’m in barefeet for health reasons”….. lol….. and kept on walking!!!



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2 Responses to Earthing Or Grounding Benefits

  1. Rob says:

    Very interesting insight! I’ve always enjoyed nature and found it to be very relaxing and invigorating. I’ve never really liked being barefoot, however. I’ll have to give it a try!

    • Hey Rob, thanks for visiting my site and yes i definitely recommend giving it a try….. i think you’ll get used to the “feeling of going barefoot” and always remember that it’s good for your health too!!! Cheers, Joe

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