What’s Your ALL-TIME Top Ten Dance Songs ?


I was listening to my sports talk radio station last week and they were discussing the best “dance tunes”….. and it got me thinking to what MY all-time top ten “get me on the dance floor every time” songs would be.  You see….. I LOVE TO DANCE, and in my younger “party days” i’ve always been known to spend the majority of my night on the dance floor dancing the night away!!!

The following list of songs are taken from different “periods of time” from my high school days, to my nineteen to early twenties, and then to my mid twenties to early thirties.  Then I got married and started my family with my beautiful wife and 2 AWESOME KIDS….. and truthfully haven’t really had the opportunity to do much dancing 🙁 ….. i know, it’s a little sad!!! Ok, actually VERY SAD.

It is definitely interesting how music brings you back to certain times in  your life and memories that last forever.  For example the song “Never Surrender” by Corey Hart will always make me think of my first girlfriend, and “Killing In The Name Of” by Rage Against The Machine will always bring back great memories of a certain party night with THE BOYZ, and then there’s “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison which will always be “OUR SONG” with my wonderful wife Leanne.  These are just a few of the many songs that are etched in my memory banks from over a lifetime.

Let me know your thoughts as well as share your own list….. and please leave your comments below ! ! !



#10 JUMP AROUND by House Of Pain….. this song reminds me of the niteclub “BIG BAM BOO” and so many fun nights dancing away in 1992 and 1993.

More House Of Pain Music

#9 MONY MONY by Billy Idol….. ok, don’t know if this is still what people would sing on the dance floor nowadays….. but, we all did back in the day….. “HEY, MOTHA-F#@KA, GET LAID, GET F#@KED” ! ! !

More Billy Idol Music

#8 LIFE IS A HIGHWAY by Tom Cochrane….. this will always bring back great memories of KEG CUP in 1992….. and of course partying with the GANG of BURNA-BEES ! ! !  and especially dancing with Lisa T, who absolutely loved this song.

More Tom Cochrane Music


#7 THUNDERSTRUCK by AC/DC….. i’ll always think of our friend’s wedding in 1998 and taking over the dance floor ! ! !

More AC ⁄ DC Music


#6 KILLING IN THE NAME OF by Rage Against The Machine….. 2 thoughts come to mind, LUV-A-FAIR (the awesome alternative night club) and a certain Boyz Nite in SUMMER of 1997 (a few months before a bunch of us were getting married).



#5 JUMP by Van Halen….. Valentine’s Day Grade 12 Dance in the school cafeteria in 1985!!!  Bumpin’ and kissin’ on the dance floor with that special someone….. ahhhh, teenage memories 🙂

More Van Halen Music


#4 BABY’S GOT BA CK By Sir-Mix-A-Lot….. Clubbing in Summer of ’92

More Sir Mix A Lot Music

 METAL VERSION OF Baby Got Back Live @ the Fenix Underground Seattle


#3 WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU By The Romantics….. Does anyone out there remember “Peach Fest” in Penticton, well that was always our SUMMER PARTY in 1986 & 1987  and of course the Club “Nite Moves” was always on the agenda.

More The Romantics Music


#2 SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG By AC/DC….. guaranteed to fill any dance floor at ANY TIME….. and i’ll will always think of SWANNIE ! ! !

More AC⁄DC Music


#1 SHE SELLS SANCTUARY By The Cult… THIS IS MY all-time favourite DANCE SONG ! ! !

More The Cult Music

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