Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021 – How To Build A Business Online


Overall Ranking:  98 out of 100
Price:  $0 Starter Membership
Owners:  Kyle & Carson
Website:  www.wealthyaffiliate.com


Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is an online community that preaches the “Pay-It-Forward” mentality….. ie. help enough people get what they want and you will ultimately get what you want.  The owners (Kyle & Carson) started the website in 2005 and have since built it into the most comprehensive informative website filled with online tutorials, video trainings, live chat, and tens of thousands of active members all willing to help and support you every step of the way.  If you are looking to build a truly successful business online then this program is definitely for you.  If you are looking for a “get-rich-quick” scheme then please do not read on because this program is definitely NOT for you.


There are many, many PRO’s (ie. benefits) that WA offers and really they can be narrowed down to 2 main ones.  First, it offers a “community” of like-minded people that are looking to help each other achieve their goals….. and second, it offers proven “blueprints” (ie. step-by-step plans) that works.  Within the step-by-step plans there are many online tutorials, video trainings, live chats and interactive classrooms, and all the help you will need (you just have to make sure you ask for it!!!).  PLUS, you can try it all for FREE as a Starter Member.

The only CON (and truthfully it really isn’t one because I told you in the introduction NOT to keep on reading if this described you)….. is that this is NOT a “Get-Rich-Quick” Scheme.  You are going to have to put in the time & effort to truly learn this online business.


The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that it is not only for the “newbies” (ie. those that know nothing about building websites and promoting them), but it is also for those “intermediate” and “advanced” or “expert” online marketers.  There is such a wealth of information available within WA and a wide range of community members that it does not matter what your needs are….. ie. If you are looking to make some money online, network with fellow entrepreneurs, get some help and even help others, and learn lots from the 1000’s of experts within WA….. then you WILL find benefit by joining this program!!!


Here is a quick list of some of the trainings and tools you can benefit from WA:

  • Getting Started Training (the process is completely SIMPLIFIED!!!)
  • Video training, Tutorial training, Classroom training and Courses
  • 100,000’s of HELPFUL community members
  • 13+ Full, Interactive Classrooms
  • Live & Interactive Help (even at 1am in the morning!)
  • 2 Free, Beautifully Designed Websites
  • State of the Art Secure & Fast Hosting
  • Access to Industry Experts & Millionaires
  • A strict spam free environment.
  • Completely FREE to Get Started! (with no catches or surprises)

There is training for all levels of online marketer from newbies to advanced.  The trainings are comprehensive, organized, and current within Wealthy Affiliate.  There are also tools available to help you with:  keyword & competition research, WordPress Express (a 3 click website builder), State of the Art – Unlimited Cloud Hosting (Premium Members), Access to over 2400 website templates/themes, ability to add over 30,000 different “features” to your website, and Rapid Writer (your content “friend”).


This undoubtedly is one of the best parts of Wealthy Affiliate.  The help & support that is available 24/7 is unmatched in anything available on the internet.  There are many different types of support offered at Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Live, 24/7/365 Chat
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Live Question & Answer periods
  • Private 1-on-1 support with ME
  • Private access to community experts


You may be asking yourself, “what will I be doing to make money online at Wealthy Affiliate?”.  There are many different ways that you can earn money online.  In fact, there are 100’s of different ways that are taught within Wealthy Affiliate.  For now, I just want to simplify things for you, so this is how it works.

When you join, you are given two options.  You can either follow your passion, maybe you like coaching basketball or fishing, so you can choose that as your direction.  This will be your starting point and the initial training course is going to show you how you can take your passion and turn it into a full time business within the online world.

If you don’t have a passion or a niche, or you want us to choose one for you, then that is OK too.  Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate boot camp that will help you build a business from.  This training is a complete step by step tutorial, and there is no experience necessary.

So in a nutshell, you are going to learn how to take your passion and create a business online.  It starts with a niche website and it is going to end with you earning in all different kinds of ways from that website.


Wealthy Affiliate has two membership price points:

Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)
Premium Membership, $49 per month / $359 per year (ie. 40% discount)

$0 seems too good to be true, but let me assure you that there is no catches or surprises….. and I will explain why.   When you join Starter, you are going to be granted instant access to the Wealthy Affiliate community.  This includes access to live chat, over 500 training modules, 3 classrooms, networking, commenting, 2 free websites, access to the keyword tool.  And on and on and on.

To be honest, there isn’t another paid product in the industry that can compete with Wealthy Affiliate’s FREE Starter membership, other than…..

Wealthy Affiliate Premium.  This is the “be all and end all” package if you are truly interested in building an online business.  Wealthy Affiliate was created and developed to remove all of the other “stuff” you will ever need to worry about during your day to day activities to build your online business.  No added “hosting fees”, no added “keyword tool fees”, no added “website builder fees”, no added “paying for hired help”, no added “time searching the net tirelessly to find answers to your questions”, and no added “time getting access to the RIGHT training”….. because ALL of those things are included within Wealthy Affiliate Premium….. and in one single low price!!!

Once you are a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member, you will never have to buy another online guru e-book, internet scam, or expensive online success course again!!!  Absolutely EVERYTHING you need is at WA, including the 1-on-1 coaching and expert help from real-life, living, breathing and proven experts.

Summarized Overview

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Sales Page URL: http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Owners: Kyle & Carson
My Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100 points
Read Real Testimonials: READ REVIEWS


You will never get scammed again online if you become a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate….. CHECK OUT ALL THE BENEFITS HERE!!!


Join the starter membership, it’s $0.  And upon joining, I will make sure to get in touch with you within the first hour.  I also want you to make me one promise however, if you do join me.…. and that is that you WILL set-up your free account.  It is simple and you will be walked through it upon joining WA.

Join Wealthy Affiliate, it’s $0 (Free)!



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